Conscious Anatomy™

 Feel Energized and Ready for Your Day While You Learn Anatomy. 

Deepen self knowledge, become more balanced and centered.

Watch your practice reach more and more people, like the ripples of a  pebble in a pond.

with Ann Watkins MA DMT LMT
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7 Week Chakra Mini Series - Free

Focus your energy, love your body and take control of your life.  Cultivate grounding through your chakras and become your own master.

Inhabiting your physical body through your energy body brings health, happiness, and vitality into your life and  more harmony to the whole world.

   If you want some fun and healing ways to work with your chakras, this is the series for you. It is also a great foundation for Conscious Anatomy™.

Chakra Basics and the homework and discussion for the 1st Chakra is immediately available upon registering for this program.  A week later you will have access to the same for the second Chakra.


Clear out the muck and blossom into energized personal alignment.

When you feel good in life, work is better too.


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Conscious Anatomy™ Bones Planes and Directions


Feel energized and ready for your day while you learn anatomy

Build a foundation of understanding of how anatomy functions in the moving body and launch your career into thriving effectiveness. Grow your practice and get results for you and your clients.

Conscious Anatomy will take your understanding of anatomy to a whole new level, bring more harmony to the whole world and  cultivate tools to integrate body, mind and spirit so you and your clients blossom.

Conscious Anatomy is designed for you:

Body Workers, Manual Therapists, Wholistic Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Dancers:  Bring health, happiness,greater effectiveness and joie de vivre into your life's work.

Bones Planes and Directions is the foundation course for the 3 trainings I offer in Muscles and Attachment.



Conscious Anatomy™ Muscles and Attachments


Stop those achy muscles while you blossom into more of you; and, bring your clients into supported self healing. Conscious Anatomy Muscles and Attachments Trainings put health and healing in your body and in your fingertips.


You will have a personal experience of how anatomy terms and concepts function in real life.


Revel in detailed muscle firing sequences and whole body function, including the somatic and energy bodies that super heal your body and give you skills beyond increasing your knowledge of  anatomy.

Become more effective in life and work, and love it.

Checkout Reactive Triadstm with or without Conscious Anatomytm. Clients have become body workers in response to that healing work.

Call me; let's talk.

Reactive Triads™ Body Work DVD and Trainings

My massage therapist is better than yours! That is what your clients will be saying to their friends at parties or on the phone. 

Reactive Triads  Not For Dummies. Successfully solve acute and chronic pain issues that seem impossible and help your clients move into a happier, healthier, pain free, higher quality of life. 


Take an in person 4 day training program with Ann Watkins MA DMT LMT.  Two or more people required so you can practice together. We  meet in person in my studio in Pawcatuck, CT Reactive Triadstm DVD documents my work and is featured in the course. Upon purchase you have lifetime access to it.

Conscious Anatomyis a  perfect foundation for this cutting edge training in chronic pain relief.

Neuromuscular Reprogramming™ is original body work by Jocelyn Olivier.  Reactive Triads is original work by Ann Watkins and builds on NMR.

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Conscious Anatomy™

For the intelligent Manual and Movement Practitioner. Conscious Anatomy™ is a great opportunity for you to hone your anatomy skills and cultivate tools to grow your practice while you and your clients blossom. It is awesome for self care as you keep yourself healthy and learn how anatomy functions in your living, moving body. Check out my video below.


Conscious Anatomy™ Bones Planes and Directions video with student comments

with Ann Watkins MA DMT LMT

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