Conscious Anatomy
Bones, Planes and Directions

A Full-Spectrum Movement-Oriented Approach to Anatomy 

Original, Cutting Edge Tools to Resolve and Process Negative Issues in Your Body: from Chronic, Intermittent Muscle Pain and Discomfort, to Stuck Emotions and Energetic Exhaustion. 


An 8 Module LIVE Online Course

with Ann Watkins M.A., DMT, LMT,

Originator of Conscious Anatomy™ and
Owner, New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Bodywork

 For Everyone open to resolving muscle aches and pain thru whole body movement while absorbing anatomical terms and concepts without really trying;

Especially for Manual and Movement Therapists


Bring more harmony to the world and evolve your life and practice to the next level.


Deepen your knowledge of anatomy with mind, body, spirit integration through Somatic Awareness and Energetic Attunement.


Cultivate stellar skills to more effectively navigate through the world and apply in your work.


Blossom into more ease and comfort and grace in your body.

Imagine your brain organically absorbing anatomical terms and concepts, without really trying, through customizable, healing movement flows that decrease  and  eliminate stiffness, joint and muscle pain.

Contemplate developing a deeper understanding of yourself while you experience how anatomy functions in your body. Explore blissful, calming anatomy infused movement that heals your body and gives you exceptional tools to be more effective in working through stuck emotions and postural mis-alignments  causing pain in your body,

Appreciate how anatomy infused with self knowledge can benefit the effectiveness of your life and work.  You will discover anatomy in a way that will positively affect those you serve and your income whether you are a body worker or a yoga teacher or a holistic practitioner or simply someone open to learning a full spectrum anatomy approach through blissfull, calming movement flows that teach you how to process and resolve anxiety, anger, grief, depression, loneliness, bodily aches and pains and also give you skills to more effectively navigate relationships.

Feeling attuned to your body and to those you serve, and knowing how to relay that in your work and communications, will make a big difference in the outcomes you get in your career and out in the world.

Digging into understanding how anatomy functions in your body in a deep holistic way makes everything in your life more satisfying because there is a perceptible, stellar difference in your effectiveness.

Developing a deeply integrated understanding of function from the physical to the somatic to the energetic is a magnetic must for your best life.

With a full spectrum of experience, you and those you serve will take off to new levels of healing and harmony and this will not only help grow world harmony, it will help you grow your wealth in your life, in your practice; on your table, in your movement space, in your home..

Frustratingly, our bodies don't always cooperate with ease as we want them to. We can take a lot of time doing things to try to help, only to come up short.

You may feel stagnant and need more  healing movement in your life o be healthy and strong. The right kind of movement is the key.

For many of us, too much repetitive movement and not enough healing movement causes stress, anguish, and drudgery in our body/mind/spirit and robs us of our energy.

I was deep into edging on burn-out in my private practice when I had a light bulb go off in my head of how to hone my skills with anatomy through movement and I was entranced when I added in the healing modalities of somatic awarerness and energetic attunement.

I could heal my body with increased activity and my holistic, emotional and energetic approach, plus the increased anatomical knowledge stunningly made a huge difference in my experience of being in my body out in the  world and working with my clients..

You may also feel like you’ve plateaued in maintaining your health and need deeper insights into how a full spectrum, holistic understanding of anatomy can bring you into a higher level of healing and effectiveness.


Traditionally our culture does not support somato-emotional expression nor does it encourage experiencing ourselves authentically.

Neither body-oriented practitioners, nor do any of us, typically learn a full spectrum view of the body  – from the physical to  the subtle, to the energetic bodies.  As yoga teachers, anatomy is often cursory; while for massage therapists and other body oriented professionals, anatomy is  often not well integrated into function, energy and life skills.  And for the general population and in the medical field, it is rarely, if ever, taught in a way that speaks to the whole person and demonstrates how our anatomy affects us on a daily basis for good or for bad.

Standard exercise is too focused on the physical body, losing a huge opportunity to bring in deep healing through the somatic and energetic bodies.

Memorization and rote learning result in poor retention and demand exhaustive drudgery pouring over books and don't in any way address the full human experience of anatomy that is possible. This compromises your physical as well as your somato-emotional and professional health.

Unexpressed emotion ends up sequestered in your muscles causing physical pain, foggy brain, stress and anxiety...none of this is good for you in your work or in the rest of your life.

That’s why I created Conscious Anatomy: to bring you through an individualized healing experience of anatomy and how it functions in your body, mind, and spirit for outstanding application: 1st by applying it to your own life and then having the fruits of your labors at your fingertips when working with others.

Conscious Anatomy brings you into an expanded state of awareness that oxygenates your system, relieves sore muscles and joints, conditions your brain to be a sponge for retention, calms your nerves and gives you a unique experience of yourself from your physical to your somatic to your energetic bodies.

Conscious Anatomy is blissfully healing, energizing, balancing, integrating and brings you authentically into yourself through your bones and muscles with robust anatomy skills that can further your career, skills to apply to your life, and major benefits to your health and well being. This is an unbeatable combination for success.

This full spectrum approach to learning anatomy integrates the body, mind and spirit for amazing healing, awareness and effective application. With this new skill set you will grow in your work and bring more harmony to your life.  And, like a pebble in a pond your new found effectiveness will radiate out into the whole world..

Best of all the learning is ease full and exciting and deep because you are simultaneously engrossed in learning about yourself while your brain sponges up the anatomical terms and concepts without really trying..

You experience function first hand and retain the anatomy through enjoyable repetition, review and reinforcement by participating in fluid, dreamy, customizable movement flows, led with anatomical terms and concepts interspersed with lay terms.

By the end of this course, you will experience:

  • Anatomy deeply and discover more about you: from the physical to the emotional to the energetic.
  • Being more effective with your clients or customers through  knowing anatomy from the inside out as well as being skilled in your life by  cultivating tools you can use to process life's offenses without getting stuck in them.
  • An increased calm and balance in your being, a reduction in pain and discomfort in your body, a more authentic connection to yourself  and an easy full body, organic absorption of anatomical terms and concepts
  • a winning combination all the way around.

This training will catalyze potent tools you can apply to move you forward into an inspired life with robust effectiveness and powerful self knowledge in alignment with your authentic self.

You will cultivate mighty tools to help you and those you serve to blossom, while bringing more harmony to yourself and the whole world.


Treat yourself to a taste of how full spectrum anatomy can enhance your health and well being toward greater harmony in your career, in wealth and in life.


What Students Are Saying About Working with Ann . . .

Rosa Puerilla, Yoga Teacher

Ann has an encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy and precisely conveys that information. Participating in 'Conscious Anatomy' gave me the opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to components of my physical body that I had not honored in the past. The flows increased my core strength and stamina. An excellent series of classes well worth the time and energy.

Abby Valletta, LMT & Yoga Teacher

The movements feel so good I almost "zone out" ... they are really intuitive and playful. I can't believe how great I feel after each class! It's refreshing to allow my body to move and I'm amazed at how the anatomical terms just soaked in during class! This course helped me follow my body's intuitive movements while deepening my knowledge of anatomy. And it's so helpful in assessing movement with my clients.

My Story and a Personal Invitation . . .

I love my private practice and I have always focused it toward bringing more harmony to the whole world, but my clients were only getting about 70% because of my low energy. I knew a deeper knowledge of anatomy would make me more effective and improve my results but sitting, poring over books was not what I needed in my life. Maybe you can relate.

I was looking for more vibrancy in my life, less burn out in my practice, a way to impact more people and I wanted to hone my skills with anatomy in an ease full way.

I wanted anatomy at my fingertips, in my body, with first hand experiential knowledge of muscle function and firing patterns in real time movement. In other words, a first hand understanding of anatomy in the living, moving body.

You may be wanting that same kind of experience. And, you may have run into similar experiences with classes that I ran into.

I had taken plenty of classes that teach anatomy, from super advanced and intricate to basic. I’d never found the kind of class I wanted.

I wanted to enjoy learning the anatomy AND feel vibrantly healthy at the same time.  I wanted to enjoy the repetition I would need to really ‘grock it’ and I wanted more inner harmony and movement in my life.

I need reminders in anatomy of specific body areas at times, as perhaps you do too. I wanted to be able to dive back in at specific points to brush up on my skills or enjoy an ongoing daily immersion if I so chose. So I decided to develop my own anatomy classes through movement.

With movement I could turn around the burn out, increase my strength, lose the  belly and the drudgery of studying from books and stop stagnating in my practice due to low energy, sluggishness, intermittent muscle pain and weakness. And I would include how muscles fire in the body when in action. because when we know how things work we also have deeper understanding of how to fix or heal them.

But learning anatomy, even through movement, I found, was still boring and didn’t really lend itself to inner peace and authentic alignment, both crucial to joyful effectiveness in the world.

Other loves in my life are energy (I was introduced to meditation at the age of twelve) and somatics, which can resolve muscle pain.

As soon as I started incorporating awareness of energy, techniques to resolve emotional sequestering, Dance Movement Therapy information where pertinent to create deeper context, and the chakras, Conscious Anatomytm became the full spectrum anatomy class I was looking for to create more harmony in myself and to bring more harmony to the whole world.

I developed Energetic attunement as an Essential Principle- including the chakras and other practices that exaggerate your ability to experience energy and make bliss accessible.

I developed Somatic Awareness as another Essential Principle- to resolve psycho emotional sequestering of feelings in muscle tissue that cause pain, discomfort, achiness and dis-ease.

I already had the other Essential Principle of Conscious Anatomytm - my distinctive method of leading movement flows with anatomical terms and concepts interspersed with lay terms and my Supple Body And Spine Signature Flow.

Conscious Anatomytm became anything but boring. I experienced a whole new level of wellness and inner harmony in my body, mind and spirit while easily retaining the anatomical information.

My clients were happier than they had ever been because of how effective I was in my work, due to the more detailed anatomy at my fingertips, my increased energy, and clear inner alignment with my purpose. My creativity was at an all time high with my class development; and, my students were growing into greater harmony with themselves and their clients, bringing more harmony to the whole world.

I was energized in growing my practice because I was able to be so effective and the results were inspiring. I’m certain you can attain similar success.

I developed Conscious Anatomy to not only help myself in the process of reclaiming my life and purpose and to heal my body, but because I wanted to pass along what I discovered to you, for your benefit, in your life.

Grow in your practice, flourish in your life, be effective in your work and catalyze creating a more harmonious world.



Module 1
Get Grounded: Enter Your Body With Ease By Cultivating A New Understanding of Anatomy From The Inside Out.  Work More Effectively With Clients And Navigate Life More Easily

In In this first module you will learn healing movement flows that will alter your state of mind, allowing you to absorb anatomical terms and concepts while working through bodily aches and pains. In this module, you’ll cultivate your awareness:

  • by delving into planes and directions from a movement and anatomical perspective.
  • by beginning to build your foundation for somatic awareness
  • by practicing a three part breath that flushes out the organs along with a breath that calms the nervous system
  • by having a tangible experience of energetic attunement in your body
  • by connecting the first three chakras to the corresponding planes in anatomy and
  • by interfacing the experience of the infant on the floor discovering hands and feet to taking first steps and carving out a place in the world.

Module 2
The Bones: Experience Your Body As Graceful And Fluid With My Supple Body And Spine Signature Flow For Terrific Health And Harmony.

Dip into healing movement flows and breathing techniques to calm your nervous system and alter your state of mind for deep body healing and organic absorption of anatomy without really trying.

You will enjoy:

  • becoming a sponge for the basic bones of the skeleton 
  • gathering lightness in your body through increased somatic awareness and energetic attunement 
  • dissolving aches and pains through my  Supple Body And Spine Signature Flow for joint and muscle pain

Module 3
The Cranium: Move From Your Inner Wisdom To Your Chosen Place In The World

It is super important to work both ends of the spine to get the greatest healing and ease between your joints and muscles. In this module you will experience the pelvis in connection to the cranium and:

  • delineate the facial bones for a manual face lift
  • discover the wormian and sesamoid bones as space holders where the body calls for more support
  • need fewer lay terms as your knowledge of anatomy is reinforced from a physical to a somatic to an energetic integration.

Module 4

The Carpals and Tarsals: Bring Ease To The Rest Of Your Body Through Your Hands And Feet

Appreciate the dynamic of moving in a way that is healing for your body and nervous system while mnemonics keep you focused on remembering the little bones that are easy to forget  Sit back and take in

  • a story about the carpal bones that reads like a child’s book
  • Find the bounce in your step with the tarsal bones and three arches
  • distinguish the ease in your body from the tension and gain surprising insight into your somatic and energetic bodies

Module 5
The Shoulder Girdle: Ease Accommodation To Your Whole Body Through Shoulder Mobility And Locomote Thru Life With More Ease

The shoulder girdle is probably the most flexible set of joints in your body. This also makes it the least stable. 

Take care of this batch of bones by bringing clarity and focus and relief to the thorax (rib cage) :

  • by intimately experiencing the shoulder girdle and arm bones
  • by discovering the myriad movements associated with the shoulder girdle and
  • by decreasing neck and shoulder pain through determining, first hand, how many bones need to accommodate to each other for ease of movement

Module 6
Spine and Voice: Experience Your Spine Becoming Fluid And Easy As We Hum Into It And Expand More Fully Into Your Life With the Power Of Sound.

In this exquisite module, we introduce sound as a way to bring supreme calm and interconnectedness to the  physical body with a true integration of the body mind and spirit. Literally experience the web of life with:

  • coordinated sound and movement with the chakras and the seven sounds of love
  • love your spinal chord (sic) with fluid movement from one vertebrae to the next
  • Accelerate your connection to your energetic body and
  • Tap more deeply into somatic awareness for the benefit of yourself and those you serve.

Module 7

The Pelvis Is Connected To The Cervicals: What? De-stress Your Neck By Cultivating Pelvic Health and Vitality!

We continue doing the crucial work of coordinating both ends of the spine. It is essential to work the cervicals at one end for flexibility, fluidity and increased range of motion after loosening up and strengthening the pelvis. We will discover what we hold there through bony landmarks and guided meditation. You will learn

  •  to experience your pelvis as a place of wisdom and creativity
  • a crucial movement flow for pelvic health and vitality 
  •  the bones and primary bony landmarks of the pelvic girdle to guide our imaginations
  • the intricacies of the cervical bones in relation to the cranium and the connection to the pelvis at one end to the other for a more supple spine.

Module 8

Explore Your New Found Knowledge: Revel In Your Deeper Understanding Of Anatomy And The Surprising Impact It Has On Your Life, Your Work And With Those You Serve, From The Inside Out




You will be amazed at your ease of knowledge with skeletal anatomy, fluid body movements, inner calm and a deeper understanding of how the human body operates. You will more clearly know what your clients on the table or on the floor need to allow their bones the fullest range of motion, as well as your own.

Your experience of how somatic awareness and energetic attunement have worked for you, to integrate your body, mind and spirit. will provide expected and surprising tools for working with those you serve and generally in your life for reduced pain, greater ease in  your body and increased ability to connect with your people of choice.

In this class you will discover how far you have come with  

  • following along, as this class uses virtually no lay terms
  • your developing sense of somatic awareness and energetic attunement for processing and resolving stuckness
  • the use of humming to relieve tension in your body
  • and you will have fulfilled  the required prerequisite for Conscious Anatomytm Muscles and Attachments Level 2 where you will learn muscle firing sequences through blissful, calming, easy on your body, healing movement and much more.

More from Students About Working With Ann . . .

Sarah Pantolone, Bodyworker 

I was very attracted to learning anatomy; the inclusion of the somatic awareness and energetic attunement kept me coming back for more.

Marguerite McGugan, Massage Therapist  & Yoga Teacher

Ann’s CA approach made learning the anatomy easy and organic; it just came naturally.


8 Live 2 ½ to 3 hour meetings over Zoom for 8 non consecutive weeks. On line access to live video replays and audios in between classes.  Each blissful class goes by so quickly!

PDFs of  Definition of Terms for each module

Live demos of Mr. Skeleton, Ms. Pelvis and Mx. Cranium  with tips on moving with ease with replays available on line

Certificate of completion for the course and a fulfillment of the prerequisite for the next  levels 2-4 trainings in Conscious Anatomytm Muscles & Attachments

Continued access to the course materials for life

Email access to Ann between live sessions for questions pertinent to the class content.

+ PLUS These Special Bonuses:

Instant Registration Bonus

Receive 3 months of the People's Circle Membership if you register within 24 hours of receiving this offer. Meets once a month for an 1hr 15min for Q&A and meditation with hand mudra to increase your health, mental acuity and vitality.

Early Registration Bonus (Ends August 23rd)

20 minute private phone call with Ann sometime during the course for a private Q&A.  Via phone or Zoom.

Everyone Receives The Following Bonuses

Mini-Chakra Program

Receive my Mini-Chakra Series online program. Cultivate grounding through your chakras and master your energy. Inhabiting your physical body through your energy body brings health, happiness, and vitality into your life.  This is a drip course and can be taken at any time.

Inner Circle Zoom Calls

2 half-hour inner circle Zoom calls (TBA) with Ann twice during the course for connection, discussion, extensive questions and general conviviality. The exact details will depend on the group needs.

Conscious Anatomy eBook

A look at the impact Conscious Anatomytm can have on the world through each individual experience.

Eliminate Your Pain with Symmetry eBook

Improve your health and well being with a few simple changes to the way you do things in your life.


Discover anatomy from the inside out. Hear what your body has to say without you getting in the way.  Cultivate tools to process and resolve stuck emotions, combate energetic exhaustion and relieve your bodily aches and pains. Absorb anatomical terms and concepts without really trying through blissful, calming movement.

(not a substitute for therapy, though it is often therapeutic). 


Choose the easy payment option that is right for you:


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 $107 per month for 3 months

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Meet Ann Watkins M.A., DMT, LMT

Ann Watkins is a study geek with Honors in Psychology and a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy. She is a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist through the Person Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute with Natalie Rogers and Carl Rogers.

Ann is also a yoga person, an improvisational movement lover, a published author, a Licensed Massage Therapist and bodyworker and owner of New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Body Work - a private practice in postural corrective body work since 1988. She takes loads of continuing ed and teaches anatomy through movement as well 1:1 sessions in authentic movement. 

She is the originator of Conscious Anatomymt Bones Planes and Directions and Muscles and Attachments.  She also teaches her original body work Reactive Triadstm- see DVD (based in Jocelyn Oliviers NMR).

Her mission is to create space for healing and pain relief and to bring inner harmony to as many people as possible, believing this will bring greater harmony to the whole world.